Dr. Robert Wilson

CEBJA chair

Dr. Wilson has been a member of the Maryland State Dental Association (MSDA) House of Delegates for 29 years and has served as its speaker for the last three years. He also served in the ADA House of Delegates for the past six years. He has completed Presiding Officer Training presented by Dr. Barry Glazer. During his tenure as MSDA president, Dr. Wilson performed a complete review and rewrite of the MSDA Bylaws and Policy Manual. He continues to serve on the MSDA Constitution and Bylaws Committee. He has drafted numerous resolutions to affect bylaws changes at the constituent level and more recently has been charged with writing resolutions and amendments on behalf of the ADA Fourth District. Dr. Wilson has a deep appreciation of the ADA Code of Ethics and served on a panel that presented a series on ethics to third year dental students at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Disclosures: None to report


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