Dr. Sidney Whitman, pediatric dentist in New Jersey and chair of CAAP’s Medicaid Provider Advisory Committee
Dr. Allen Finkelstein, CEO Bedford Healthcare Solutions and MPAC member
Dr. Charles Czerepak, pediatric dentist in Illinois and MPAC member


American Dental Association on-demand webinar. This presentation was recorded on May 20, 2022.

Course Overview

Despite misconceptions and fears associated with being a Medicaid provider, treating this population can be rewarding and not cut adversely into your bottom line. Members of the ADA’s Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention (CAAP) Medicaid Provider Advisory Committee will share insights, opportunities and challenges regarding program integrity, compliance, fraud, advocacy and how better to safeguard your practice while providing care to this growing population in an era of increasing accountability and scrutiny. Special emphasis will be given to the importance of proper documentation of medical necessity.

Learning objectives

  • Implement efficient practice protocols to safeguard practice viability and protect oneself from unintentional non-compliance resulting in fraud allegations
  • Document medical necessity within dentistry
  •  Recruit other Medicaid providers through positive advocacy and role modeling

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Course created: 2022
Course reviewed: 2023

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