Sharon Moore

Author, presenter and speech pathologist

Sharon Moore is an author, presenter and speech pathologist, with 4 decades clinical experience across a wide range of communication and upper airway disorders. Her focus right now is sharing key research about the importance of upper airway health and sleep, in reference to the global epidemic of sleep problems. Recently, acknowledgement of the role of myofunctional therapy in management of sleep disorders, hails a new era of relevance for therapeutic interventions that support upper airway health and function, affirmation of her chosen clinical direction. She believes that here has never been a more important time for medical and dental colleagues to work as a team with significant health morbidities of sleep disorders in all ages now widely known. Sharon has worked in medical clinical settings in Australia and London. Currently, she runs a Private Practice in Canberra, managing referrals from medical and dental specialists using an upper airway focussed approach, for patients of all ages and training speech pathologists in her methods. The integration of Orofacial Myofunctional principles into traditional Speech Pathology work allows a unique approach to managing upper airway disorders of the including: breathing, swallowing, chewing, phonation, resonance & speech. Sharon has a special interest in early identification of craniofacial growth anomalies in non-syndromic children, airway obstruction in sleep disorders and concomitant orofacial dysfunctions.

Disclosures: None to report


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