Daniel W. Hall

Dr. Hall always knew practice ownership was the path for him, but he wasn’t sure how to make that dream a reality. After a GPR following graduation from the Medical University of South Carolina, he was an associate at what he thought would be “the” practice for him. But as things turned out, that wasn’t the case. That led him to a different associateship position where he learned, grew, and gained the confidence to own his own practice when the opportunity arose. When his friend was leaving a practice for residency, the timing was right and Dr. Hall purchased his practice. That was in the fall of 2018-and so much has happened since then! Staff issues, revamping a practice, adding new procedures, a global pandemic: all that in addition to having his first child! Though it’s been a wild ride, it was the right path for Dr. Hall and his family, which include his wife, Emily, his son, Wesley, and their dog, Rudy. Dr. Hall hopes that this panel discussion will help you identify your desired professional path and that the ADA is there to assist you as you follow it.

Disclosures: None to report


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